MeepleCon 2015 Tickets on sale now!

MeepleCon 2015 Tickets on sale now!

MeepleCon, the annual convention run by Melbourne Meeples is set to hit the Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre this December 4th til 6th.

There will be a wide selection of games in the freeplay library using the  Melbourne Meeples collection and much much more.

There’s sure to be something for you, if you’re a new player, there’s plenty of friendly gamers willing to teach you games. And if you’re an old hand, it’s a chance to play the games you love and newer games fresh from Essen.

If you’re in Melbourne and love boardgames then you need to be there.

So snap up a ticket here!

For more details, check out the MeepleCon website.

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