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Melbourne Gaming Calendar – Aug 2015

urbaerAugust 4, 20150 Comments
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Extraordinary Awards

urbaerJuly 21, 20150 Comments
Melbourne Meeples is a participating in the Extraordinary Awards and that means that all it’s members are eligible to nominate games that will form part of the Melbourne Meeples nomination for the awards. The awards come in two flavours, ‘most popular’ for games that were released at any time and ‘Best new’ for games released […]
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Annual General Meeting 2015

urbaerJuly 19, 20150 Comments
It hardly feels like a year has gone by and yet it has. So its time for the Annual General Meeting of Melbourne Meeples. The AGM will be held at the Stolberg Beer Cafe (cnr Bell St and Plenty Rd, Preston) from midday on August 9. To vote or to nominate for a position, you […]
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Podcast Watch: June 2015

urbaerJuly 9, 20150 Comments
In case you missed it, here’s a sample of some of the Australian podcast episodes from June (or episodes about Australians)… Most of these were about Kickstarter and BorderCon…
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Melbourne Meeples Library: Pandemic: The Cure

urbaerJuly 8, 20150 Comments
We’ve added a new game to our ever expanding library! The latest game to be added is Pandemic: The Cure. Pandemic The Cure takes the concept of Pandemic (grabbing a bunch of your friends and trying to saveĀ the world from four diseases) and speeds it up and makes it slightly more random by using dice […]
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Spiel des Jahres awards

urbaerJuly 5, 20150 Comments
We’re a little late to the party, but the announcements for the Spiel des Jahres came out a while ago and there’s some great Australian news wrapped up in it. For those that don’t know, the Spiel des Jahres (which translates to Game of the Year, but we’ll call SdJ from here on in) is […]
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Melbourne Gaming Calendar – July 2015

urbaerJuly 5, 20150 Comments
Click through to see the text listingā€¦
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Podcast watch: May 2015

urbaerJune 12, 20150 Comments
In case you missed it, here’s a sample of some of the Australian podcast episodes from May (or episodes about Australians)…
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Bordercon 2015

urbaerJune 2, 20150 Comments
We’re all going on a winter holiday…. to the Border of Victoria and New South Wales, because it’s time for the Con that lands in the middle of the year, BorderCon. Bordercon is held on the Queen’s Birthday weekend (June 5th-8th) in Albury and is an open gaming event (though you can schedule games). There’s […]
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Melbourne Gaming Calendar – June 2015

urbaerMay 29, 20150 Comments
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