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Podcast watch: May 2015

urbaerJune 12, 20150 Comments
In case you missed it, here’s a sample of some of the Australian podcast episodes from May (or episodes about Australians)…
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Bordercon 2015

urbaerJune 2, 20150 Comments
We’re all going on a winter holiday…. to the Border of Victoria and New South Wales, because it’s time for the Con that lands in the middle of the year, BorderCon. Bordercon is held on the Queen’s Birthday weekend (June 5th-8th) in Albury and is an open gaming event (though you can schedule games). There’s […]
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Melbourne Gaming Calendar – June 2015

urbaerMay 29, 20150 Comments
Click through to see the text listing…
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The new site

urbaerApril 30, 20150 Comments
Welcome to, Melbourne Meeples new home! For some history, we setup┬ábefore Melbourne Meeples was formed… or even conceived! It was getting to be a bit confusing having NSEG, MeepleCon and Melbourne Meeples all on the same site, so we’ve split them into three (all under We’ve also setup a Melbourne Meeples forum […]
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