Board In The East (BITE)

We’re excited to announce that we’ve fin-ally getting a regular gaming meet going in the Eastern Suburbs!

Board in the East (aka BITE! hence all the shark puns) will deliver all of that board-gaming goodness, and a whale of a time to all that attend!

This event is open to all, no matter how much boardgame experience you have, and at least for now it’s super-dooper cheap ($3) and free for Melbourne Meeples members!

So (hammer)head down and we’ll see you there!

Where Do We Play

At the Amaroo Neighbourhood Centre, 34 Amaroo Street, Chadstone.

When Do We Play

The 3rd Friday of every month from 6-11pm. Starting from 21st July.

What Do We Play

There will be a range of games available, from beginner to more experienced.

  • Party Games
  • Card Games
  • Games for Beginners
  • Thematic Games
  • Strategy (Euro) Games

People are always happy to help new players learn new games and get into the hobby.