Library Borrowing Procedure

Melbourne Meeples Library Loan Procedures

  • Make a request for loan by filling up this form 
  • Games can only be picked up and returned during an NSEG session.
  • Games Librarian will confirm the handing over and returning of games via emails.
  • Details of games that are available for loan is on the Melbourne Meeples Library page and/or BGG account
  • At any given time, Member can borrow a maximum of two games.
    • Out of these two games, only one can be a new release (Released in last 12 months).
  • Games can only be loaned out for a maximum time span of 2 NSEG sessions.
  • Persons who borrow a game agrees to be liable to replace the game or pay back the cost of the game, in the event of loss of game or major damage to the game.
  • Privilege to loan games may be revoked by the committee.