Audacious Games

Join us for an afternoon of games at Audacious Monk Cellars.

We play modern board and card games that are fun and relatively easy to learn. We’re more than happy for new people of all experience levels to come and we’re always eager to teach.

Each fortnight we bring a selection of games from the club’s ever growing library ( as well as choice games from our own personal collections. Feel free to bring your own!

Getting There

Audacious Monk Cellars is on the corner of Regent and Gilbert Streets, Reservoir.

By public transport, it’s at the end of the #11 Tram and the closest station is Regent, which is just a 15 minute walk west down Regent Street.

Food & Drink

Enjoy many great snacks including popcorn, chips, choc tops, deli meats and cheese. Or bring in your own meal or grab one from one of the fine local places in the locale.

There is an amazing selection of drinks on offer including wine, IPAs, ciders and craft beers. If you’re overwhelmed by the options or want to try something new, The Audacious Monk Cellars team are on hand to recommend a drop.


A $3 donation is requested to assist with the library and the administration of the club.

Free for Melbourne Meeples members (find out how to becomeĀ  a member and other benefits )