MBGM: Bring and Buy Guide!

Read the instructions below carefully, and pay extra close attention to the dates and times.

How will the bring and buy work?

For buyers

The bring and buy will run like a regular game store. Browse the games and if you find something you want, come up to the till and buy it!
Card payments only.

For sellers

Sellers will need to give us some details ahead of time, including the games you wish to sell (so we can print labels), and the details we need to pay you the proceeds for what you sold.

How to sell your games

Before the day

Create your game list.

Access the game list template here. Save a copy of the sheet so  you can edit it, or download it as a csv to edit in Excel. Enter your game names, price and any notes for the label, keeping the notes short as they need to fit!

Once done save your game list as your_name.csv. Using your actual name, obviously, not “your_name”. You will be prompted to upload your file when you fill in your seller registration form.

Complete your seller registration form

Complete your seller information form here, and submit by Monday May 13th. Make sure to include your PayID so we can pay you the proceeds! Note that we only support PayID, as it reduces the risk of errors when processing payments

Check that you’re happy with the terms

We will do our best to keep your games safe during the day, but note that all items are left at the seller’s risk and we cannot be held responsible for lost property or damaged items.

There will be a small charge of 10% deducted to cover the costs of running this event. This will be calculated once based on the total sales of your games, so if we sell $100 of your games we will pay you $90 after the event.

You must pick up any unsold games at the Melbourne Board Game Market between 3pm and 4:30pm. Any uncollected games after this time will be donated as the Melbourne Meeples committee see fit.

On the day

Checking your games in

You can check your games in between 9-10am on the morning of the event (note that the market opens at 10). We will give you labels for your games, which you will need to apply to your boxes. Please bring your labeled games back to us. We will check any off the list that you didn’t bring and ask you to pop them on the shelves. We will then give you a card/ticket with your seller number on, please keep this safe.

Adjusting prices

To amend a price, we will do this by hand on the day. If you want to amend a price after mid-day then come and see us, find the game you want to adjust and bring it to a member of the team to mark down. Your seller ticket is your proof that you’re really you so hold on to it! Be aware that we can’t adjust game prices during the morning rush, or during a very busy period as we will be too busy selling your games 🙂

Collecting unsold games

To collect your unsold games please come between 3-4:30pm.

How do I get paid?

We will transfer your proceeds via bank transfer, using the PayID you provided, no later than five days after the event.