We’ve added a new game to our ever expanding library! The latest game to be added is Pandemic: The Cure. Pandemic The Cure takes the concept of Pandemic (grabbing a bunch of your friends and trying to save the world from four diseases) and speeds it up and makes it slightly more random by using dice instead of cubes.Read More →

We’re a little late to the party, but the announcements for the Spiel des Jahres came out a while ago and there’s some great Australian news wrapped up in it. For those that don’t know, the Spiel des Jahres (which translates to Game of the Year, but we’ll call SdJ from here on in) is an award given to the best game of the last year that was released in Germany as decided by the German gaming press. Boardgame reviews appear in lots of print mediums in Germany somewhat like movie reviews appear here in the press. There’s actually three awards, the SdJ (which tendsRead More →

We’re all going on a winter holiday…. to the Border of Victoria and New South Wales, because it’s time for the Con that lands in the middle of the year, BorderCon. Bordercon is held on the Queen’s Birthday weekend (June 5th-8th) in Albury and is an open gaming event (though you can schedule games). There’s still some tickets on sale, so you can pick them up here (but make sure you find some accommodation too). Hope to see you there (and drive safe)! Image: Mattinbgn from WikimediaRead More →

Welcome to meeples.org.au, Melbourne Meeples new home! For some history, we setup nseg.org.au before Melbourne Meeples was formed… or even conceived! It was getting to be a bit confusing having NSEG, MeepleCon and Melbourne Meeples all on the same site, so we’ve split them into three (all under meeples.org.au). We’ve also setup a Melbourne Meeples forum and we may add additional features to the site soon. Excuse the mess as we try to put everything into an orderly state. If you find any dud links on any of the sites, let us know and we’ll patch them up!Read More →