Board to Death

Join us for an evening of games at True North.

Every third Thursday of the month we bring a selection of games from the club’s ever growing library as well as choice games from our own personal collections. Feel free to bring your own!

Where do we play?

We play at the main room of True North, located at 2A Munro St Coburg (just off Sydney Road). 

True North is a fantastic cafe with a chilled out vibe and some great retro decor. They serve meals with a rock and roll vibe (and most of them are puns related to 80s and 90s bands and songs). They’re open from the crack of dawn until the dead of night (1am!).

What do we play?

There will be a range of games available, from beginner to more experienced.

We play modern board and card games that are fun and relatively easy to learn. We’re more than happy for new people of all experience levels to come and we’re always eager to teach.

When do we play

Board to Death is held every third Thursday of the month from 7pm until late (like midnight).

However we recommend you arrive by 6pm so that you have time to eat before the games kick off.

Food and Drinks

True North has a puntastic menu with some choice meals, coffee, juices and both soft and alcoholic drinks.

Plus each month will have a different drink special (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) for that night only. Ask at the bar to find out more.

How to get there?

True North is located at 2A Munro Street Coburg, just off Sydney Road

  • By Car: If you’re driving there’s are two carparks at Louisa Street and another on Russell Street.
  • By Tram: Catch the No. 19 tram and get off at the Harding/Munro Street stop (stop 32).
  • By Train: Catch the Upfield line and get off at Coburg Station (500m away)
  • By Bicycle: The Upfield Shared Path goes to Coburg Station (check Merri-bek’s Bike Infrastructure map). There are three bike racks on Munro Street.


We are committed to ensuring accessibility for all our guests. If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch with us.

The front door of True North has a small step, but a wheelchair accessible entrance use the back door which is located here.