Games After Dark

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This event is running from 18 January 2024 until 19 December 2024. It is next occurring on June 20, 2024 6:30 pm

  • Venue: Watsonia Library
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Join us for an evening of games at Watsonia Library. Every third Thursday we bring a selection of games from the club’s ever growing library as well as choice games from our own personal collections. Feel free to bring your own!

Where do we play?

We play in the Watsonia Library’s main lobby.

What do we play?

There will be a range of games available, from beginner to more experienced.

We play modern board and card games that are fun and relatively easy to learn. We are more than happy for new people of all experience levels to come and we are always eager to teach.

How about Food and Drinks?

Enjoy some tea or hot chocolate on the house. Or bring in your own meal or grab one from one of the fine local places in the neighbourhood.

Do I have to be a Melbourne Meeples Inc. Member to attend?

No. While we would love for you to be a member, it is not a requirement to attend any of our events.

We are running this event in partnership with Watsonia Library. It is free for everyone to attend.