Podcast watch: May 2015

In case you missed it, here’s a sample of some of the Australian podcast episodes from May (or episodes about Australians)…

Please note, none of the below podcasts were created by Melbourne Meeples, contact the appropriate podcasters to give them amazing feedback!

dicemencometh-logo-150x150The DiceMen Cometh #73 (May 28)
The DiceMen speak to Phil Walker-Harding, designer of Sushi Go! and SdJ recommended Cacao. Plus they discuss what they want to play at BorderCon.
nqCBow-4_400x400Action Points Podcast #87 (May 26)
Aaron is joined by Incubator co-admins Justin Halliday and Stefan Barton-Ross about board game design, playtesting with Incubator and the state of play in Melbourne
avatar_3b0a7bc67958_128Embassy Cast #12 (May 26)
Rok and Tim are joined by friends Grace and Rui for a wide ranging discussion about games including X-Com and Robinson Crusoe. Plus a competition!
dicemencometh-logo-150x150The DiceMen Cometh #72 (May 21)
The DiceMen speak to Charles Bishop from the Toy and Game Expo about the Australian Boardgame Championships. Plus a discussion about iOS gaming.
nqCBow-4_400x400Action Points Podcast #86 (May 19)
Aaron Matt Dunstan, designer of Relic Runners, and co-designer of Empire Engine and (Kennerspiel 2015 nominee!) Elysium. And other things!
dicemencometh-logo-150x150The DiceMen Cometh #71 (May 14)
The DiceMen discuss GenCon and games that they hate.
dicemencometh-logo-150x150The DiceMen Cometh #70 (May 7)
The DiceMen discuss Munchkin, Mice & Mystics and games with interesting names.
avatar_3b0a7bc67958_128Embassy Cast #11 (May 5)
Rok and Tim are joined by friends Bruce and his daughter Jocie discussing their favourite games

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