Melbourne Meeples Library: Pandemic: The Cure

We’ve added a new game to our ever expanding library! The latest game to be added is Pandemic: The Cure.
Pandemic The Cure takes the concept of Pandemic (grabbing a bunch of your friends and trying to save the world from four diseases) and speeds it up and makes it slightly more random by using dice instead of cubes.

The game plays very quickly, you can knock out a game in less than thirty minutes and it stays fairly true to the board game (though Ash will tell you it loses points for not having a board).
It’s a co-operative game (you either win together or loose together) where each player  will take on a different role which will make them better at something. By smartly using your abilities together as a team you might win… though probably not.
Because there’s one way to win, cure all the diseases. There are three ways to loose though, by having too many outbreaks, too many epidemics or just not being able to pull anymore dice from the bag.
So why not try it out at the next Melbourne Meeples event?

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