NSEG 2022 dates

Here are the 2022 dates for NSEG (subject to guidelines).

For more details on NSEG, check out the NSEG event page.

Jan9th (MU)23rd (FB | MU)
Feb6th (FB | MU)20th (FB | MU)
Mar6th (FB | MU) 20th (FB | MU)
Apr3rd (FB | MU)
May1st (FB | MU) 15th (FB | MU) 29th (FB | MU)
Jun12th (FB | MU) 26th (FB | MU)
Jul10th (FB | MU) 24th (FB | MU)
Aug7th (FB | MU) 21st (FB | MU)
Sep4th (FB | MU) 18th (FB | MU)
Oct2nd (FB | MU) 16th (FB | MU) 30th (FB | MU)
Nov13th (FB | MU) 27th (FB | MU)
Dec11th (FB | MU)

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