Announcing Board to Death

We’re partnering with our friends at True North to bring you a new event in the Melbourne Meeples calendar, namely Board to Death.

The Board to Death logo sits above artwork of a zombie in a meeple shirt passing a Calico token to the viewer as a red demon holds it's head in it's hands and the Grim Reaper studies his board.

The box from Calico sits on the table as well as some beer and pretzels

Board to Death runs every third Saturday of the month at True North in Coburg (just near the Coburg station and the number 19 tram) starting again on Feb 17th 2024 .

True North is a fantastic cafe with a chilled out vibe and some great retro decor. They serve meals with a rock and roll vibe (and most of them are puns related to 80s and 90s bands and songs). They’re open from the crack of dawn until the dead of night (1am!). 

Unlike Audacious, Board to Death runs during the evenings, currently from 7pm until late.

Featuring all the great modern board games you’ve come to know and love from a Melbourne Meeples event, with the chill vibe of True North and a great variety of drink options and some food to die for.

While we’re aware that some may be disappointed that Audacious is no longer running, we hope that you’ll join us at Board to Death as a new Saturday tradition.

Find out all the gory details on the Board to Death page.

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