Melbourne Board Game Market Exhibitor Announcement: Lachlan Clews-de Castella

We’re welcoming Lachlan Clews-de Castella to the Melbourne Board Game Market.

Hi, I’m Lachlan.I’m a Melbourne artist and designer with a passion for fantasy.I’m hoping to test a game I’ve been working on; Skybound: Legends

A Fantasy, Adventure, Cooperative, Competitive dice based board game.

A calamity approaches the Skybound islands, will heroes hear the call and save the day? Even if they do only one shall be remembered as a legend.

Each player controls a hero that sets out to increase their strength by completing quests, gathering crystals, fighting monsters and delving temples while the chaos of the world increases, until a calamity occurs and the heroes must work together to defeat the scenario. The game can also be competitive where players compete to accumulate glory, and rather than spending it to alleviate chaos from the world, gather as much as possible to be remembered as the legend that saved the world from calamity.

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