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Melbourne Board Game Market 2024 Recap

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We had a fantastic board game market this year with over 900 games in the Bring & Buy and some great publishers and designers. 

Sadly not all could be there due to COVID and the flu, but we got to see many wonderful games from those that made it. We also had some fantastic feedback from our exhibitors, and from buyers and sellers at the flea market. We hope you discovered some great new games and grabbed some awesome bargains!

We’re already planning next year’s event so if you’ve to a game that you’re working on, let us know and we’ll reach out to you next year. 

Melbourne Board Game Market Exhibitor Announcement: Jett Archer

We’re welcoming Jet Archer to the Melbourne Board Game Market.

Introducing Wrong Answers Only, the ultimate game of wit, creativity, and deception! In this hilarious and competitive card game, players are challenged to make convincing arguments for incorrect answers to a wide variety of questions. From historical figures to pop culture icons, Wrong Answers Only tests players’ ability to think on their feet and come up with the most convincing and absurd explanations.

Containing over 400 cards, the game’s unique concept, dynamic gameplay and endless entertainment possibilities, makes it guaranteed to be a hit among your friends and family.

Melbourne Board Game Market Exhibitor Announcement: Lachlan Clews-de Castella

We’re welcoming Lachlan Clews-de Castella to the Melbourne Board Game Market.

Hi, I’m Lachlan.I’m a Melbourne artist and designer with a passion for fantasy.I’m hoping to test a game I’ve been working on; Skybound: Legends

A Fantasy, Adventure, Cooperative, Competitive dice based board game.

A calamity approaches the Skybound islands, will heroes hear the call and save the day? Even if they do only one shall be remembered as a legend.

Each player controls a hero that sets out to increase their strength by completing quests, gathering crystals, fighting monsters and delving temples while the chaos of the world increases, until a calamity occurs and the heroes must work together to defeat the scenario. The game can also be competitive where players compete to accumulate glory, and rather than spending it to alleviate chaos from the world, gather as much as possible to be remembered as the legend that saved the world from calamity.

Melbourne Board Game Market Exhibitor Announcement: Triple Point Games

We’re welcoming Triple Point Games to the Melbourne Board Game Market.

Triple Point Games is the home of Dr Tom Allen, an Australian engineer and game designer best known for The Curium Experience escape rooms (also in Collingwood – go try them!) He will be demonstrating a variety of his games with something for every taste!

Check out Spelled – a strategic word game, Evil Robots – a social game for 3-9 humans pretending to be robots, Yowie Kapowie – a light-weight family game about throwing monsters onto other monsters, and Half the Battle – a two-player duel between adventuring parties accidentally finding themselves in the same dungeon.

Melbourne Board Game Market Exhibitor Announcement: Metal Abyss

We’re welcoming Metal Abyss to the Melbourne Board Game Market.

Metal Abyss is a Co-op tower defense game where players are pilots of war mechs. To win, you must defeat the enemy boss while defending the city from hordes of hostile mechs.
Win combats to gather resources, upgrade and customize your mech to fight against stronger foes. It is an engine building game with unique tableau building, with lots of combos from card effects and ‘push your luck’ dice combats.

Melbourne Board Game Market Exhibitor Announcement: Board and Sorcery

We’re welcoming Board and Sorcery to the Melbourne Board Game Market.

Board and Sorcery is a Melbourne based board game company that is dedicated to creating unique and immersive gaming experiences.

Founded by a group of friends who loved to play games in pubs, we quickly realized the power of board games to bring people together and facilitate meaningful interactions. 

Releasing Treacherous Tides in 2023 and looking to Kickstart their next project Fat Cats Inc. 

MBGM 2024 Exhibitor Preview: Ukiyo

We’re welcoming back Ukiyo for another year at the Melbourne Board Game Market.

Kitsunedo is a fast-paced battle-royale card game packed with strategy, bluffing, and social psychology, designed to be easy to pick up but hard to master…

Find your kindred Spirit Lord and wield their unique powers to develop your own tactics and playstyle. Whether you’re turning back the threads of time with the Fox of the Mirage or summoning power for everyone with the Fox of the Celeste, your path to victory will be different.

MBGM 2024 Exhibitor Preview: The Ultimate Heist

We’re welcoming The Ultimate Heist to the Melbourne Board Game Market.

Welcome to “The Ultimate Heist” board game! In this exciting game of strategy and intrigue, you’ll join forces with fellow players to pull off daring heists, travel the world, and outwit your opponents.

Will you rise as a legendary master thief, or will betrayal leave you empty-handed?

MBGM 2024 Exhibitor Preview: Guf Studios

We’re welcoming back Guf Studios for another year at the Melbourne Board Game Market.

At Guf Studios, we specialise in publishing, licensing, and localising amazing games from Oceania and SE Asia to the rest of the world, and bringing games from the world to Oceania and SE Asia.
Join us and discover our latest games!

Indulge in Steam Up: A Feast of Dim Sum, where you’ll dine on delicacies from a mystical restaurant’s rotating Lazy Susan. Choose the Dim Sum that matches your Chinese Zodiac character to earn the most Hearty Points and take home the victory.

In Floating Floors, the Bansen Seals of your ninja clan have been scattered throughout the castle. Race against your opponent to reclaim them, using your balance and cunning to stay ahead.

Travel back in time with Endless Winter: Paleoamericans, guiding your tribe to prosperity by establishing cultural traditions, hunting megafauna, migrating, and building everlasting megaliths. From nomadic hunter-gatherers to prosperous tribal societies, the fate of your tribe is in your hands!