Author: tamarajprice

OzBunnyCon 2024: It’s over, every-bunny!

We have just called it a wrap on our biggest and busiest OzBunnyCon yet! The Easter long weekend was choc-a-block with board gaming fun with wonderful people, with 47 hours of board gaming and almost ten hours of Blood on the Clocktower! Not to mention raising well over $1000 for the Good Friday Appeal in the raffle. Huge thanks to the Glen Waverley Bowls Club, Mind Games MelbourneMoonee Ponds, Northcote, Hawthorn and MalvernVR DistributionTurn Order GamesLet’s Play GamesMaluridae DiceTilnak Fine Art Portraits, our wonderful volunteers and of course, to those who attended, for helping to make this year’s OzBunnyCon such a great success. 

Whether you were able to attend OzBunnyCon 2024 or not, we would love to hear from you! We want to make OzBunnyCon and all of our events the best we can and value your feedback. Please complete our survey to tell us about the great and not so great things about OzBunnyCon 2024.

New Boardgames added to the Library

We were lucky to have two Melbourne Meeples committee members attend Spiel Essen this year, and grab some hot new games to add to the Meeples Library, just in time for MeepleCon!

Our members were surveyed on what boardgames they thought should be added to the library, and we’ve been able to secure some of their most requested games!

  • Apiary is a worker placement game for 1-5 players set in a far-distant future where humans no longer inhabit Earth. Over the span of untold generations, one species of the humble honeybee evolved to fill that void. Players explore planets, gather resources, develop technologies, and create carvings to demonstrate your faction’s strengths over one year’s Flow. 7.7 BGG Rating
  • Among Cultists is a social deduction thriller where you become a member of M, the secret society. Try to prevent the arrival of an evil being at your university… but beware: vicious cultists are already among us! 8.1 BGG Rating
  • Earth is an open world engine builder for 1 to 5 players with simple rules but tons of strategic possibilities. With its encyclopedic nature and the enormous number of unique cards and combinations, every single game will allow you to discover new synergies and connections, just as our vast and fascinating world allows us to do! 7.8 BGG Rating
  • Evacuation life on our planet is being burned away thanks to increasingly intense sunlight, so everyone is trying to move all the people and factories in their territories from the “old” planet to a new one — and they have only four rounds in which to do so.  7.8 BGG Rating
  • Evenfall is a card-driven, engine-building game with both novel and familiar mechanisms for 1 to 4 players. Manage your resources, execute your actions in an efficient order, and discover card and action synergies that generate victory points. 8.1 BGG Rating
  • Kutná Hora: The City of Silver is a historical city-building Eurogame for 2-4 players that features a real-life supply and demand experience in which every action you take has an impact on the game’s dynamic economic systems. 7.9 BGG Rating
  • Nucleum is a heavy euro board game in which players take role of industrialists trying to succeed during the economic and technological boom of 19th-century Saxony, fueled by the invention and spread of the Nucleum (a nuclear reactor). 8.3 BGG Rating
  • Satori is is a Japanese Buddhism term for awakening and refers to a full and deep experience of enlightenment. In Satori, players compete to advance on the spiritual path. For this end, you’ll build new temples for the votaries to pray, get the wisest monks and contribute to build up the great pagoda to turn Koyasan in the heart of the zen Buddhism. 8.0 BGG Rating
  • Sky Team is a co-operative game, exclusively for two players, in which you play a pilot and co-pilot at the controls of an airliner. Your goal is to work together as a team to land your airplane in different airports around the world. 8.2 BGG Rating