Volunteer Policy for Melbourne Meeples

–Draft Version–

Melbourne Meeples is 100% volunteer led and run: board gaming for the community, by the community! 

If you want to get involved there are lots of ways to do so depending on the time and energy you can commit, the experience you can bring to the team and whereabouts you’re based in the Melbourne area. 

Joining the committee 

The committee is the legally responsible management team for Melbourne Meeples. It is appointed at the AGM and if you want to stand for a position, or vote you need to be a Melbourne Meeples member

Find out more about the roles, and the expectations of committee members here

Helping out at events 

We always welcome help at our events!

This could be at the front desk, or with setting up and packing up. It could also be with teaching games, running RPG sessions, panels, facilitating competitions and any other great ideas to make our events more special! 

Volunteers including committee members should not need to pay for tickets for some or all of MeepleCon or OzBunnyCon. Either are welcome to donate to Melbourne Meeples should they choose to, but it should not be an expectation.

Free access should be based on the amount of volunteering:

  1. For a half-day (including get-in/get-out if we need help for that) should provide access for the remainder of that day
  2. Volunteering for a full day or more (either in one day, or split across multiple) should provide free access to the rest of the convention
  3. In order to manage numbers the relevant subcommittee will agree an ideal number of volunteers required once committee availability is known.

Volunteers should be members of Melbourne Meeples.

Working With Children Checks

For anything where you would need to interact directly with other attendees as part of the role, we do sometimes require a valid Working With Children Check, as all Melbourne Meeples events are open to unaccompanied minors (as long as the venue is). 

For this reason, we will ask if you have a WWCC check when you volunteer so that we can plan responsibilities appropriately. Should a volunteer without a WWCC check find themselves in a scenario where they are working directly with children not accompanied by their parents or a responsible adult (e.g. teaching a game or running a tournament) then they should let a committee member know and we will arrange to swap roles appropriately for that activity.

Additionally some events will explicitly require a WWCC check due to the nature of the event (at committee’s discretion) 

Anything else? 

If you’re interested in helping out regularly with a specific event, or specific tasks (e.g. if you’re a social media whiz), there may also be an opportunity to join or set up a specific team or working group for this.